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Posted by SR (riley) on Nov 03 2016 at 12:37 AM
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A fourteen year old school boy, living in our capital city, is stabbed to death by an assailant who demanded his cell phone in the presence of a bus load of passengers, none of which saw it fit to come to the assistance of the youngster, as if paralyzed by fear or hardened by the continuous daily occurrences of barbarism in Jamaica, where embolden criminals show no mercy or respect for life, what a disgrace.

Something must be driving this lawlessness in Jamaica, a kind of modern day phenomenon that has to be linked to something, whether abstract or real, as taken to the extreme, it seems that the more IMF tests that we pass as a country coupled with the increasing uselessness of our dollar, are having a debilitating effect on the Behaviour of sections of our society, some of whom will take your life for the simplest of things.One thing for sure, Jamaica was not always like this and to the extent where in the late sixties there was no need for burglar bars in Kingston, demonstrates just how far we have we have sunk as a society, Good God!



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