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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Jun 29 2016 at 3:00 PM
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The subjects of the once great United Kingdom have spoken loudly, clearly and in no uncertain manner, “We want out of the European Union!”.  After forty years, something must be wrong, with even the politicians so out of touch with the people, to have gotten it so wrong, how come?

What is even worse is that Germany is encouraging the United Kingdom to get out with haste, forget about any period of transition, obviously trying to protect what’s left of the European Union and to prevent any other member from having similar ideas, however, what must be, will be as the real effects of globalisation are now being felt by the British, who want no more of it.

Which brings us back to this out of touch issue, how is it that governments after a while always get out of touch with the people they serve, is it a case of elected representatives eventually getting the feeling that they know what’s best for their constituents, or is it a case of technocrats being allowed to call more of the shots without having to face the consequences?  Whatever it is, we have to get out act together here in Jamaica, for example, how much longer are we going to allow foreign labourers to take away jobs from Jamaicans in our country?