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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Apr 06 2016 at 3:00 PM
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The recent decision by the Minister of Education, Sen. Ruel Reid, to extend the number of years that a student is required to remain in school from five to seven, has attracted the expected dialogue, pro and con, however as long as students continue to exit the system without the expected qualifications, something must be done, especially if it is a part of an education reform program.

It remains inconceivable that a child can spend five years in a High school and leave dysfunctionally literate and numerate and it cannot be beyond our capabilities as a society to correct the situation, bearing in mind that one size will not fit all.

We still submit, that students can move on to lead productive lives, starting with basic Maths and English, the tools of calculations and reasoning and all other information obtained during the course of life, as career choices are explored, bearing in mind that the Diaspora is filled with Jamaicans who have added great value to the basic education they received in Jamaica, so all that’s really needed is strategic tweaking of our current educational system