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Southern Regional Health Authority and Fontana Pharmacy Empower New Parents

Posted by Editor (Wendy) on May 24 2017 at 3:00 PM
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The Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) in partnership with Fontana Pharmacy on Thursday, May 18, launched a “Best for Mommy and Baby” initiative at the Mandeville Regional Hospital, to empower new parents.

The Public/Private Partnership (PPP) is in support of the “Good Health Begins at Home” (GHBAH) initiative, which was launched recently by Minister Christopher Tufton and conceptualized by the SRHA technical team in recognition of the fact that health and wellness is more likely achieved when a healthy foundation is established during the early childhood stage, along with good parenting involving both father and mother. 

During the launch, each new mother received a gift basket, along with a parenting educational booklet with informative health promotion tools covering important health and wellness topics every father and mother should know in ensuring the best for mother and baby.   The publication is the first parenting educational publication of its kind in Jamaica, developed by the Ministry of Health.

According to Minister Tufton, theBFMBI will be piloted at the Mandeville Regional Hospital and the Mandeville Comprehensive Clinic and will be targeting antenatal, postnatal and child health clients, with special emphasis on the importance of active fathering.  Healthcare providers will complement the content of the booklet with parenting education talks on a given topics before the start of each clinic.  The impact will also be evaluated through a
case control study to assess and compare knowledge, attitudes and practices between an exposed and unexposed cohort.

Minister Tufton commended Mr. Kevin O’Brien Chang, Managing Director of Fontana Pharmacy for partnering with the Ministry
ofHealth, while noting his passion for the programme.  “Every mother wants the best for their child, not every mother or expectant mother follows through, but the desire is there.  We are challenged as a country as it relates to following to protocols to ensure the best results  in antenatal and postnatal care, when we looked at the global statistics, last year over 300,000 women died in child birth, a fair deal of that resulted from the inadequacy of the preparation that leads up to delivering a child, we have seen clear signs of expectant mothers taking unnecessary risks as it relates to the course of having a child and just above forty one percent of pregnant women actually visit  the public health facilities,” he said.

Minister Tufton said that as a country we are not a reading population, we are a  more listening population, we need to encourage our population to examine and appreciate the content, as that is the only way to move forward.”

Custos Rotolorum of Manchester, Hon. Sally Porteous said, “This imitative was started under the leadership of our Minister who proposed that the
countryadopt the ‘Finish Baby Box’ method in order to encourage more expectant mothers to seek proper care.  The gift baskets mothers will receive from Fontana Pharmacy is an amazing and exciting idea.”