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Posted by SR (riley) on Nov 17 2016 at 5:10 PM
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Six Principals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities have been chosen as the second batch to be officially inducted into the National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL) Executive Principals’ League (EPL). They are Principal of Allman Town Primary, Kandi-Lee Alexandria Crooks-Smith; Principal of Manchester High, Jasford Gabriel; Principal of Ardenne High, Nadine Molloy; Principal of Petersfield Primary and Infant, Susan Rattray-Hammond; Principal of York Castle High, Raymon Treasure; and Principal of Belmont Academy, Rayon Simpson.

The EPL is a vehicle through which its members will share best practices and innovative ideas whilst serving as ambassadors for the College.  League members also provide guidance to NCEL concerning its programmes, so as to ensure their continued relevance to the local educational landscape.The EPL serves as a catalyst for the advancement of the College’s mandate, which is the development and sustenance of excellent leadership in the educational sector and the strengthening and promulgation of national morals and values.

Speaking at the recent announcement ceremony, Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, encouraged the principals to continue making a positive impact that will redound to the benefit of the sector.  “The recognition that you are getting is not a monetary recognition, it’s a validation of your excellence that money can’t even buy,” he said.
 The Minister reminded that much is expected of them and encouraged them to mentor and inspire the new principals.  “As leaders of this great league, we have to be transformational leaders, but part of the greater message is that not only the excellence that you have achieved must become a habit, but you have to infect the rest of the principals throughout the length the breath of Jamaica,” he said.

Senator Reid said that although they may be faced with social challenges while carrying out the operations at their various institutions, they should remain focused in their pursuit of greatness, while noting that the training NCEL provides will assist them in being effective in human resource management, financial management and implementing curriculum.

Responding on behalf of the inductees, Principal, Allman Town Primary, Mrs. Crooks-Smith said they were honoured and humbled to serve.  “Through coaching and mentorship we will continue to offer our support and encouragement to our colleagues. We will intensify the campaign to respect and protect our children,” she said.Mrs. Crooks-Smith noted that this is another avenue for them to pool their knowledge, skills, resources and talents to activate a regional and national conversation on the thinking and doing of leadership.