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Posted by SR (riley) on Dec 30 2016 at 12:02 AM
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The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) recently launched its Violence against Children Reward Fund, which will reward persons who assist in the arrest and charge of persons who commit violent acts against children up to the age of 18 years. These violent acts include murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, molestation, carnal abuse or child abuse.
 Crime Stop Jamaica will manage the fund and will be responsible for determining the value of each reward granted based on a case-by-case scenario.

Honorary Secretary, Eva Lewis said the initiative will assist in reducing violence against the nation’s children and indicated that donors have already contributed $1.2 million to the Fund.  The Musson Foundation has provided $1 million, while Guardsman Group, Prime Asset Management, Charles Hyatt, First Caribbean Bank, Pan-Jam, Grace Kennedy, Prism Communications and Sterling Asset Management have contributed $25,000 each. Ms. Lewis said the Fund will be replenished by the membership of the organisation periodically.

Chief Executive Officer, Child Development Agency (CDA), Mrs. Rosalee Gage-Grey welcomed the establishment of the fund and said violence against children cuts across boundaries of geography, race, class, religion and culture.  “The perpetrators of violence against our children are parents, family members, teachers, caretakers, law-enforcement authorities and other children. Some children are particularly vulnerable because of gender, race, ethnic origin, disability or social status,” she noted.
 Chair, Musson Foundation, Mrs. Melanie Subratie, said the protection and safety of the nation’s children is paramount and led to the foundation’s contribution to the initiative.  “As Jamaicans, I think we have grown tired of the abuse meted out to our children.  Our children represent our future and they are the ones who we are relying on to make for a more productive society,” she pointed out. Chairman, Crime Stop, Major General Robert Neish, said the initiative is important as it provides additional funding in the fight against crime and assured that information provided to Crime Stop will be treated confidentially.  “Each and every source of information, every piece of information, whether we have paid out a reward or not has been protected.  The integrity of the information, the integrity of the individuals, the safety and security of the individuals has always been the prime focus,” he said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, George Quallo, said the fund represents a call to action by all law-abiding citizens for their individual and collective assistance in stomping out violence against children, noting that murder, rape and other sexual offences against children have trended down in 2016 in comparison to 2015. There have been 40 reported murders, so far, this year, down from 61 in 2015. Rape has also declined from 352 to 234, and other sexual offences have been reduced from 463 to 261.