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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Jan 06 2016 at 3:00 PM
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This is not the first time that motorists have suffered financially as a result of contaminated fuel.  A number of years ago, it was discovered that cheap kerosene was being added to the gas which then wreaked havoc on motor vehicle engines.

We notice that a sticker is attached to every pump at gas stations islandwide, which purportedly ensures that the measuring device is accurate, however, as we have stated before in this column, how can motorists be sure of the quality of the product and are they actually getting 90 octane and not 87 octane everytime and why is the price difference so significant for a mere 3 octanes, can any vehicle differentiate between the two, or we just wasting money by using 90 octane?

This entire sordid affair only serves to underscore the vulnerability of consumers in this country, again we remind you of an incident some years ago when white bread was being sold in wholewheat labelled bags at a higher price and there were no sanctions, just a flimsy excuse about left over bags, which only proves that nothing can ever be taken for granted on this little rock.