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Posted by SR (riley) on Apr 13 2017 at 1:44 AM
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The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) will be streamlining its services to enable more efficient processing of pensions and benefits. Director of the NIS, Ms. Portia Magnus, said that among the changes is the revision of forms, which will assist in gathering more details of applicants, thereby reducing processing time.  “We are in the process of revising our forms.  We have already released two new forms to the public; one is a new funeral grant application form and the other is a form that is used to apply for retirement and invalidity pension,” she informed.

“We are doing this because the older forms didn’t ask the questions to provide the kind of information that we need to process the benefit, which impacts the processing time,” Ms. Magnus said.Noting that a review has not been conducted in more than 20 years, Ms. Magnus said the agency will implement a staffing and operations review to assess the level of skill sets required for the NIS.Another feature of the upgrading work taking place at the agency will be the introduction of a new NIS card.