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Posted by SR (riley) on Sep 15 2016 at 6:10 PM
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The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is spearheading several initiatives to promote proper waste management and environmentally safe practices.The most recent thrust, dubbed ‘Trash Free Waters’, involves the agency and its partners implementing various strategies, including a prohibition on single-use plastic bags.

Public Relations Officer at NEPA, Ms. Deleen Powell, informed that the agency is encouraging persons not to use these plastic bags. “If they are offered to you, refuse them and use alternatives,” she said. Ms. Powell noted that several supermarkets, pharmacies and other establishments are endorsing the initiative for the utilisation of reusable bags.  “We are working with them to find the best way to offer more environmentally friendly options and solutions to customers, and highlighting the point that the use of these plastic bags may be contributing to this great problem of waste,” she said.
 The agency will soon launch the ‘Adopt a Beach Programme’ to increase the public’s awareness and responsibility on the issue of marine litter.

The programme will allow groups, communities and individuals to select and clean up beaches on a monthly or quarterly basis as a means of maintaining the areas throughout the year and minimising marine litter.Communities will be given garbage bags, gloves and other tools necessary for their clean-up projects.

On September 27, NEPA will launch its State of the Environment Report, which will show the findings from environmental research done by government and non-governmental agencies. Ms. Powell said the Report will feature various matters relating to the environment, such as air quality, watersheds and water waste, the coastal areas and coral reefs.  “All this information that has been gathered has been collated and analysed and will be presented on this day,” she added.
 In October, the agency will be having a grand tree-planting exercise as part of its observance of National Wood and Water Day.

“We will be providing seedlings to individuals who so desire to plant a fruit or ornamental tree. Persons who are interested can contact NEPA, collect their seedlings then plant within their community,” Ms. Powell pointed out.



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