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Posted by SR (riley) on Oct 19 2016 at 4:19 PM
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On Monday, October 17th, Jamaicans once again celebrated National Heroes Day in honour of our seven National Heroes: Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, George William Gordon, Norman Washington Manley, Sir Alexander Bustamante and Nanny of the Maroons, whose lives of service to the country contributed immensely to the creation of what we proudly proclaim “The land of our birth”.

A bonus this year was the event organised by the Government of Jamaica to honour our athletes, who once again made us proud at the recently completed Rio Olympic Games, where the greatness of their accomplishment marvelled the world.
 So we have a lot to celebrate, however all is not well in “The land of our birth”.  Apart from everything else, we believe that the non performance of our justice system is at the heart of the unacceptable and embarrasing levels of crime and violence in this country.  The day when every single Jamaican is assured justice, will herald in the absolute transformation of our country as unfortunately the average man just does not believe in our current justice system, that’s our problem!



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