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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on May 04 2016 at 3:00 PM
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The entire month of May is being celebrated internationally as Child’s Month, when both the successes and challenges of children in our society are highlighted, while every effort is made by governments globally to protect the rights of the child, to decent education, health, nutrition, safety and a clean environment.

Here in Jamaica, it appears that we are losing ground, especially as it relates to the safety of our children, compared to the admirable job of our Health Ministry over the years, specifically as it relates to the successful immunization programmes right across the country.

The high levels of crime against our children in Jamaica now warrant not just a month of activities, but a year long programme to allow our professionals to get to the bottom of this scourge on our land, our children are now experiencing a type of vulnerability that is totally unacceptable.  Enough is enough!