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Posted by SR (riley) on Nov 17 2016 at 4:59 PM
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The management of the region’s waste collection and disposal system has been severely compromised by the obvious shortage of trucks and financial resources to implement alternate arrangements to improve the current level of service.Communities all over the region are  currently being overrun by rodents, flies and maggots, which will eventually lead to a serious health crisis that will not only affect residents in the region, but right across Jamaica as you cannot draw a line somewhere and expect that viruses will not cross that line, we are all vulnerable.

So what of the future?  We need a total overhaul of our current solid waste operations, let us not kid ourselves, we are not going to have the resources to pick up garbage in our rural communities once per week anytime soon, let us establish drop off waste collection centres at strategic locations, so that in case of an emergency, residents can take their garbage to these centres.  The current situation is getting extremely ugly!



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