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Posted by SR (riley) on Sep 15 2016 at 5:43 PM
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According to the former president of the Medical Association of Jamaica, Dr. Shane Alexis, “the entire health sector needs restructuring to enable the government to respond to the frequency of viruses entering the country, Zika today, something else tomorrow.”  It is obvious that ne government will ever be able to maintain a decent health sector in Jamaica in the present and future circumstances.

It is also an open secret that no government, again under the present and future circumstances, will be able to afford an equitable educational system that would prevent thousands of school leavers from grossly underachieving.  Let’s face it, there are just too many variables, so as far as health and education is concerned, things will likely get worse, but is there a solution for the greater good of society?

The government currently owns hundreds of billions of dollars of health and education assets that could be used to leverage the successful privatisation of both sectors and thus remove this huge millstone from its neck and then use subsidies to protect the most vulnerable in our society, it is our view that there is no other solution.



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