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Posted by SR (riley) on Jan 20 2017 at 1:34 AM
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JPS is reporting that it has identified two preferred vendors for the Smart LED Streetlight Project which will be rolled out across the country, commencing this year.  The vendors are Petra Systems and Fosrich Group of Companies in partnership with Philips Lighting. Both companies possess a solid track record of several years in the global lighting industry, in both domestic and commercial markets.  The selection process commenced in September 2016, when JPS issued a Request for Proposals from interested parties, for the supply of smart LED street light fixtures.  This RFP was issued in collaboration with international consultant Tuatara Group LLC, through grant funding from the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). Following the selection of the LED vendors, JPS will identify suitable entities for the installation of the lighting fixtures, as well as provision and management of the smart features.  The Smart Streetlight Project will target a total of 110,000 streetlights.

“Smart Streetlights will deliver tangible benefits to the country,” announced JPS Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Gary Barrow.  “In addition to lowering energy costs and improving energy efficiency, smart streetlights can facilitate the smart technology to support crime fighting, through the use of image sensing, including allowing for close circuit TV)” he informed.  
 “Smart Streetlights will also reduce the carbon emissions from power consumption, a boon for the environment” Mr. Barrow noted.

Other benefits of the smart streetlight system, include its ability to detect and report light failure per location; report maintenance and repairs of lights; as well as measure and report energy usage per lamp.  The street light system will be managed by a control centre that will facilitate ease of monitoring and other aspects of management.