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Posted by SR (riley) on Oct 05 2016 at 6:49 PM
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Sixty-three-year-old Lenworth Wright from Trelawny created history after winning the 2016 National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) Spelling Bee championship.Mr. Wright earned the distinction of being the first male to do so since the competition’s inception in 2004.  He topped the group of 14 finalists after correctly spelling the word ‘liaise’.

Second and third place went to Stephanie Taylor from St. Thomas and Sylveena Smith from Clarendon, respectively.
 Mr. Wright said that he was encouraged to enter this year’s competition by a relative and commenced preparations in July.
 He intimated his love for spelling, a passion he has had since childhood, pointing out that in school, “I was always a top speller”. Mr. Wright said based on this and his preparations, he was confident of winning.

“What I did was to write all the words from A-Z in a book and I completed about three to four books; and after that I was ready,” Mr. Wright shared. Meanwhile, Mr. Wright expressed appreciation for the NCSC’s work in keeping its members active and engaged, and urges more males to join the organisation.

Acting NCSC Parish Organiser for Trelawny, Ms. Lloydia Williams said that based on her interactions with Mr. Wright, she knew he would win.  “He was very confident, so I did not doubt that he would have done a really good job. I felt that he was ready and based on what I had seen from the practice matches, he was on par,” she said.The National Spelling Bee Competition is one of several activities planned to commemorate senior citizens’ month, being observed in September under the theme ‘Showcasing our Legacy: Promoting Intergenerational Solidarity’.

The NCSC is a department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and is responsible for implementing the National Policy for Senior Citizens.  It also advises the Minister on all matters concerning senior citizens’ welfare.



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