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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on May 18 2016 at 3:00 PM
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Recent events, including the foreign engineered collapse of the hotel project in Negril, should serve as a wake up call for our authorities, that this drive to improve the ease of doing business in Jamaica is only to look good internationally as all we are really doing is facilitating unfair advantage for Jamaican businesses.

The management of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) will tell you that were it not for the outstanding expertise of its Jamaican engineers, it would be impossible to provide any level of service to its customers islandwide, as only magicians could work on the outdated equipment they inherited, so let us not tolerate this garbage from any foreigner downgrading the quality of Jamaican labour.

By the way, are we going to put a limit on the amount of foreigners who are allowed to retail flour, rice and sugar in our country, thus indirect competition with Jamaican retailers?  Why not? How could a foreign engineering company set up shop in Jamaica without being registered and instead of immediately deporting the principals, we are allowing them to get registered?  What do you think would happen to the principals of a Jamaican company if they set up shop in London or Miami without being registered and one of their buildings collapsed?  They would be hit so hard that they would never recover, but oh no, this is Jamaica, still suffering from mental slavery, what a disgrace!