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Posted by SR (riley) on Nov 10 2016 at 1:41 AM
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On November 28th, Parish Council Elections will be held to elect 228 Local Government Representatives across the island and it is expected that less than forty percent of the electorate will bother to vote, which on the face of it represents a traditional apathy for the process that somehow, someway needs to be rectified.

The truth be told, it is conceded that it’s often times easier to contact your local representative than you member of parliament, whose time is shared with duties of a national nature that may not benefit his constituents directly and whereas there may be indirect benefits, these are clearly not felt at the local level. so it all boils down to effective communication.With Local Government now entrenched in our constitution, we must insist that the rebranded parish councils are strengthened to take on greater responsibilities to cater to the needs of local residents.



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