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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Feb 03 2016 at 3:00 PM
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The guessing game ended on Sunday night, when Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller announced that General Elections will be held on February 25th, when the electorate across the country will exercise their democratic right to select the  government of their choice to manage the affairs of the country for at least five years.

In the absence of any ideological divide, the two major political parties will again campaign on their respective record of achievements, hoping to consolidate their hard-core support while luring the growing numbers of uncommitted voters in their quest for State power.

The worrying trend over the years is the sizeable block of no shows at the polls, who for whatever reasons, are refusing to participate in the democratic process despite the fact that, to date, we can agree that all elections have reflected the will of the people, except the boycotted elections of 1983, therefore both political parties, in their own self interest, must identify the root cause of voter apathy and implement strategies to encourage more Jamaicans to get involved in the governance of their country beginning at the community level by realising that their community is their responsibility and that their political representatives are elected to assist them in making their communities a better place to live, work, raise families and do business, its as simple as that.