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Posted by SR (riley) on Oct 27 2016 at 12:11 AM
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The recent not guilty verdict in the infamous X6 murder case, aside from leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many Jamaicans, has once again highlighted the current dilapidated state of our justice system, which took all of five years and millions of dollars and it was expected that there was ample time that technology would have been utilized to assist the investigators.
 The bottom line is that based on the comments made by various stakeholders, especially the head of the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA), who is reported to have said that the legislation governing his organisation was woefully outdated.  So we must assume that one can expect the unexpected as crafty lawyers exploit the legal loopholes to their advantage and the detriment of our justice system.

To say most Jamaicans have lost faith in our justice system is an understatement as it seems that no-one knows what to do with this huge backlog of cases before our courts, when all that’s needed is more courts and more judges.  Simply begging our current cadre of judges to make quicker decisions is only asking for trouble and it cannot be that we cannot find the money to fix the system, but it was no problem to find over three hundred million dollars on this Tivoli enquiry, we do not have our priorities right.



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