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2017 New Year’s Message from Prime Minister, Most Hon. Andrew Holness

Posted by SR (riley) on Jan 04 2017 at 4:50 PM
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We happily welcome 2017. As we embrace the New Year for all the potential and promise it holds, we thank God for sparing us from what appeared to be imminent natural disasters.We spare a thought for our loved ones, heroes and benefactors who left us last year.  And we collectively give God thanks for all our achievements and successes last year and particularly, note with great pride the incredible accomplishments of our athletes and highlight the super human feats of Usain Bolt. We reflect as well on our experiences last year and the lessons we take forward to manage the challenges and opportunities this New Year will bring.

Personally, my own experiences have reaffirmed that with goals, a smart plan, faith in God and the willingness to commit to hard work, you can achieve your dreams, even when there is doubt and the odds are stacked against you. The New Year is a time for setting new dreams and making resolutions to achieve them.  I encourage all Jamaicans not to be afraid to dream big and set ambitious goals. In particular, I urge parents not to limit the imagination of our children, by reinforcing negative stereotypes on their minds or constraining them within the boundaries of what you believe your resources can afford.  Our Children are never worthless. Their dreams today will become the value in our reality tomorrow.  Let them have dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

Dreams and resolution are meaningless until we open our eyes and convert them to a vision through strategic planning and into the reality we want by disciplined effort, diligent work and faith in God. In as much as we set new resolutions this year, take the time to plan the pathway to your dreams, write down your goals, it helps you to vision them, stick to your plan, put in the work, be resolute in your resolutions. I know one of your resolutions this year is to achieve some measure of economic independence, whether it is through:Advancing your education and skills to gain employment and earn your own income to pay a mortgage towards owning your own home instead of paying rent, or start investing in your own business enterprise.
 Our government shares these resolutions.

 That is why we have reinstated the Tuition Free Access to Education Policy.Every Jamaican child must have the access to education to open their minds to possibilities and big thinking; and be empowered with the tools to convert dreams to reality.  That is why we have maintained a laser-like focus on Economic Growth, through which we will create jobs. Already we see our efforts starting to bear fruit.Generally there is a sense of optimism, the rating agencies have revised upward their outlook on Jamaica, and business confidence is at an all-time high.

As your government we have managed to achieve a seamless and uninterrupted transition to a new IMF programme and maintain fiscal discipline while stimulating some measure of economic growth at the same time. Our dream is to see every Jamaican economically independent, thriving and fulfilled and not just surviving.  To bring this dream to reality we have developed and placed into action a national plan to transform Jamaica.In 2017 the government will continue its focus on the transformation of the economy.  We cannot do it alone, we need all hands on deck. This is why we have emphasized partnerships with civil society and various interest groups.

As we look back at last year we heard and saw and felt the pain of our people, dealing with the impacts crime.  We know that sections of Jamaica continue to be plagued by serious crimes, particularly murders.We are very optimistic about the coming year. I know things have already started to improve. I know as well that after many years of false starts and broken promises, disbelief and pessimism is still widespread. One of my commitments is to keep the government committed to the current path. Another of my commitment to you is to ensure that the poorest and dispossessed benefit in an accelerated way from the progress and prosperity that will come.My goal is to ensure that you fulfil your dreams. I wish for all Jamaica a healthy, happy, prospect-filled, progressive and prosperous New Year.